How To Build That Perfect LinkedIn Profile That Puts You In The Limelight

Before making your profile on a job portal, there is no way on earth that you haven’t come across the standard cliche warning, “A hiring manager spends less than ten seconds on a resume to decide whether it should make it to the second round or not”. Well, it would not be a cliche if it was not true. Now, how can someone possibly work keeping in mind that truck load of pressure residing on your brain’s writing skills.

Catching the HR’s attention in their brief period of focus, and winning your dream position in the company, is definitely not a cake walk. Hence, you need to ensure that your resume efficiently sells you for the job at first read, because your profile is like your brand and it must speak volumes about your personality, and not resonate as a boring government document. As simple as it sounds, anyone who has worked on a CV knows that there are a number of challenges to overcome first.

According to Forbes, there are ten main mistakes that people make while crafting their resume or online profile:

  • Too many words
  • Too much Jargon
  • Fillers
  • Typos and spelling errors
  • Too long
  • No clear direction
  • Too much detail
  • Difficulty in understanding
  • Too broad
  • Relation and links with a different or rather un-related industry

In a world full of over-work and ticking deadlines, companies have a full department assigned for recruiting employees, and these people are called the Human Resource. If you think that making a simple word document and individually mailing them to companies with different cover letters is going to get your name in limelight, then you are certainly going down the path with bigger bumps and taller hurdles.

These days, managing hundreds of vacancies and reviewing thousands of applications is not as easy as a stroll in the park. Thus, the new normal is that all the HRs head to their savior websites, where they can easily find, review, and interact with people from the required field, thereby making everyone’s path smoother and the selection process more efficient.

Get Started with the Right Profile on LinkedIn

With a membership of 722+ Million members, LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networking platforms on the web. Therefore, it won’t take you long enough to land your dream job if you make a good profile on it, in the right way, with the right strategy. Even if you are happily employed or running your own successful business, being a part of LinkedIn is as essential as honing a smartphone.
And, of course, recruiters and potential employers search LinkedIn for good job candidates.

So here is how you can build that perfect LinkedIn profile and climb up your career ladder.

1. Remove that lock from your profile and make it PUBLIC

When you’re done setting up your profile, go to the Privacy tab in the Settings and then the Privacy section. Select the option that makes your profile public.
Many recruiters will search LinkedIn and view the respective profiles without being logged in to LinkedIn. As a result, they will not be able to check out your profile unless you approve it on the settings and make it visible for people outside LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn Picture for your Profile

Science has proved it over the years with several morphologically dependent psychological studies, that people judge each other in a matter of a few seconds. Forming an opinion about someone without knowing that person well, and not even interacting once, highly relies on the pillars of physical appeal.
How a person smiles and the way they present themselves are things that can break or make deals. Since body language is out of question in this scenario, the entire focus lands on the face. Therefore choosing a display picture/ profile picture wisely, for your professional podium, becomes all the more crucial .
Having a vibrant and “good vibes picture” is important if you want to stand out. So, quite simply, all you have to do is get a profile picture wherein your face is visible. There is enough light, you are smiling, the background in the picture is decent, and you look professional. In other words get yourself a great and nicely clicked headshot for your Linkedin profile picture.

3. LinkedIn Headline

Just like your face sells half the conversation and makes the first impression, just like that, one’s headline or what people call these days as “Bio”, is the key to grab that attention. A Linkedin headline is where one shares their industry. Talk about yourself and what you are currently doing professionally.
Always write your headline in a way that it caters to the audience, and people visiting your profile feel like you will add something to their plate. Linkedin gives you a 120 character limit to write and express yourself through your headline. Make sure that you use this limit and put all the 26 alphabets in proper use. Write in important keywords which are relevant for your respective business.

4. Find apt Keywords

Spice up your profile with relevant technical words. Use apt keywords within your Professional Headline, Work Experience (job titles and job descriptions), Skills, and Profile Summary.

Add relevant degrees and other certifications you’ve won, accolades to your surname, like:

  • Timothy Jane Smith, MBA
  • Edward Y. Samuel, MBA, PMP
  • Edmund Louis, JD, CPA

Your LinkedIn Profile will appear higher in Google search results when those terms are added to your name on LinkedIn, and lots of recruiters search LinkedIn Profiles using Google. Most people stop at dates and job titles, particularly of jobs in their past. This wastes a golden opportunity to market their experience and to feature important keywords, naturally, to their profiles. Describe all of the roles you list on LinkedIn, highlighting the experience and accomplishments that align together with your current career goals and your dream company’s..

If you’ve worked in a startup, explain what the organization did. If you’ve worked in an MNC, , describe the division or a part of the organization you worked in and how your skills added to the division’s accomplishments. .

If you’ve got target employers, review their descriptions for the work you would like , particularly the work titles they use also because the skills, certifications, and other terms used consistently for the roles you would like .

Assume you’re employed because the Marketing Content Manager for a retailer, choose the acceptable keywords for the person’s Professional Headline.

The only keyword during this headline is “marketing.”

Marketing Content Manager focused on Data Science applied to increasing website traffic and sales; predicting, segmenting, and growing Twitter followers. Do not simply repeat equivalent keywords over and over. that appears desperate, dumb, and doesn’t work. Include your keywords appropriately within the content of your Profile (another reason to add weight to your strong Profile).

5. Make an Impressive and Robust Profile

If you wish your profile to be discovered by your industry’s top recruiters and get top position in google searches, you ought to make an ATS compliant profile which sells you out to the HRs. A robust profile is a must as it speaks volumes about your character and personality in general. Focus your profile on the job you want next, as specifically as possible so that it contains the right keywords for you. Without appropriate keywords, it won’t be found. You can also upload documents you have created and link to presentations you have made.
Good Luck winning people over and landing your dream job with the help of those rightly placed 26 alphabets.

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