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About Me

Like Oxygen is to a human’s life, Good Copy is to a Brand.

The right Phrase pays!

Hey, there! I'm Soundarya

I’m someone who puts down the entire conversation between the consumer and your brand. I make sure that every small piece of paragraph I write for a brand, makes the reader feel moved to dip into their pocket or purse, pull out a credit card, and buy what you’re selling.

If you feel intimidated by the idea of writing for your business, you’re in the right place.
I feel dumb. What exactly is Copy Writing?

Do you dream about…

  • People saying, I’m so excited try out your new products! I already feel like I’m drooling just from reading your website and social posts. I’m SUCH a fan!“…
  • Hearing a steady stream of, “OMG, can I pay you to help me?” from new clients and fans (cue: cheesy “Ker-CHING!!” cash register sound)…
  • Feeling confident that words will easily pour out next time you plan to launch your new product/service via that email sequence, Instagram caption, pitch, or blog post…
  • Knowing you’re not just sending something into the ether of the internet- you’re consistently getting REAL results* from your website, emails & social…

If you’re ready to write words that seduce an engaged audience with hungry eyes…

Then get ready. Your life is about to change.

Businesses that invest in copywriting see (at least) 3X more traffic, conversions, and profits than businesses that don’t.

  • That’s 3 vanilla lattes instead of one tall drip coffee.
  • That’s a whole new outfit vs. “I’ll just take the shoes”.
  • That’s a 3 bedroom house vs. a studio apartment.
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