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Before making your profile on a job portal, there is no way on earth that you haven’t come across the standard cliche warning, “A hiring manager spends less than ten seconds on a resume to decide whether it should make it to the second round or not”. Well, it would not be a cliche if it was not true. Now, how can someone possibly work keeping in mind that truckload of pressure residing on your brain’s writing skills?

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Branding is the instant recognition that a business creates through easily identifiable aspects such as a name, symbol and design, encompassing the philosophy behind an idea. This helps the company stand out from the rest of the competition and make a mark on the collective memory. As a face for the organisation, a good brand builds positive expectations. From product design to innovative marketing, all have to form a cohesive framework to build a brand.

Copy Writing vs. Content Writing - What’s the difference?

Craft Content is a content platform for budding entrepreneurs and emerging businessmen who’re always hungry to engage their audience in all new ways. With content writing and copywriting services, Craft Content aims to convey, connect and convert a brand’s audience to the brand.

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