How to Write a Landing Page Copy?

Just imagine, you click on a link and get directed to a web page with a sloppy format and unclear content. 

Would you scroll further to know more about the brand? Absolutely NOT!

There you see, the value of a good landing page and the power it holds to turn a prospect user into a customer. But first, what is a landing page? Is it the same old home page we talk about?

Let me clear it for you.


What’s the difference between Homepage Copy and a Landing Page Copy?

One distinctive characteristic that does a steek demarcation between a home page and an on-click landing page is the end goal set for the user. The goal of a home page is to educate your audience and make them aware of your product and services. Landing pages, on the other hand, persuade your visitor to take some action. The ways in which you reach these pages also differ. A home page is always a part of your website while the landing pages are specially designed/curated to direct you after your engagement with an advertisement or copy.

Do you remember the webpage you were redirected to when you clicked on the side banner ad for the Friday Sale Offer? Yes— that’s a landing page!

Now the question arises when you already have a homepage, why would you need a landing page?

Landing pages create a compelling effect whenever you want to intimate your visitor about your recent happening and how they can get benefited from it. A landing page copy helps the visitor to know more about the current theme and your brand in general. This also quenches their thirst for curiosity. 

Let’s look at this example right here.

This landing page offers an on-point, bold, and eye-grabbing CTA that will compel the user to click on it at once. Such an element increases the user engagement on your website and ‘lands’ more people to your redirected pages quite literally!

The prime-most goal of a landing page is to persuade the visitor to take a certain action- Signing up, subscribing to the newsletter, or even placing an order for that matter. 

Well, now you know why one needs an exotic and impactful landing page. But how do we make it?

Following are some of the most-effective ways to make your landing page copy engage with the audience and convert well at the end.

  • Be Specific, Concise, and to the Point to Convey your Message

Your audience might reach for a dramatic, thrilling novel if they wish to indulge in stories, but you don’t have to cook one for them over your landing page copy. They have not “landed” on your page for wandering into the arena of words but are looking for the exact point you are trying to make. 

 Be striking specific in your copy and tell them about it at first. Let your reason drive them to know more about the brand. 

 Studies have it, pages with long and detailed write-ups tend to put off the oozing curiosity of the visitor that had got him here. Don’t do it. Clearly express your ideas in a concise manner to facilitate their decision-making. 


  • Formatting is a Catalyst

What do you think is the right layout/formation to present a Landing Page Copy?

Your copy might have wholesome of words, put together in the best of the intentions, but yet not convert. Want to know why? 

It’s because of the formatting of your texts and elements.

Along with the content you put forward in your copy, the way you present it is also vital. Messy test alignments, overlapping text elements, not-so-attractive fonts— all these contribute to a copy that is unable to convert. 

Don’t you scrutinize the packaging of your food meals however good the food was? Yes, the same arguments apply here.



  • Create Visualizations

Let’s face it- you are guiding your audience and controlling their cognitive side of mind merely through your words. So, why not do it in the most constructive and integrated way that has a lasting effect.

 Photographic memory and imagery are proved to leave a longer retention impact on our minds. Use this to hand-hold your visitor and take charge of what they see and think.

 “Crunchy crust of the cutlets with cheese gliding out- this homemade snack blends together the taste of Indian spices and the exotic foreign herbs!”

 Didn’t the above line design an image of the food item in your mind and left you drooling. Yes- now you sense the power of visualizations.


  • Testimonials to the Rescue

How many times do you consult your neighbour-friends before taking an appointment with their recommended dentist? You still hesitate to go with what they say, isn’t it?

Why is it so- you ponder?

It’s the bond of trust. You believe it when they say good things about the service and feel convinced of taking the right decision. Adding the comments of satisfied people you have services helps build relatability with the visitor where he feels connected and more so, not alone.

Testimonials account for your offerings and add to your credibility helping you persuade your user to develop that bond of trust. It works like a charm especially when these commendations and praises are from the people who have certain aspects common with your visitor— similar age group, a related domain of work, or neighbouring demographics. This creates a vibe of a thriving community associated with you. Thus, always include testimonials from a wide range of variance.

But wait! 

NEVER indulge in the wrong practices of manipulating your testimonials. Not only does it degrade your credibility but also hampers the growth of your brand.


  • “What next?”- Adding a Strong CTA

You have created a stellar impact on your visitor, educated them about your services, and also developed a connection with them. What next?

Leaving a visitor unattended here will make all your efforts go in vain. This is the best time to leverage the relationship you have built with your user.

Guide them through a firm, on-point Call to Action and tell them what needs to be done next. Speak to them directly and ask them to engage with your web copy in your required way whether it’s signup or a mere online chat. 

After every section, there needs to be a CTA, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One person may find a section important whereas the other may scroll down till the end. To cater to all user personas, you should have a CTA after every section.

Here is an example to help you understand this. 


Having separate CTAs for each of the sections on your website is also an effective strategy since it targets all the different people who come to your site to read only some specific segments of it. 

 This will engage your audience as well and make them feel associated with the brand more closely. This is the time to convert your user into your client, in the most gradual and subtle way. 

 All these segments separately target the varying users coming to the website and direct them all to take specified actions. Interesting isn’t it?!

 These were the top 5, result-oriented ways to draft a mind-blowing landing page copy and navigate your audience in a more constructive manner. While you master this art and strive to implement these methods, it is certain to yield astounding outcomes!




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