How to Write Scroll-Stopping Instagram Captions

We don't have a choice on whether we DO Social media, the question is how WELL we do it.

Instagram is undeniably one of the biggest and the most influential social media channels around the globe. People around the world are drawn to things that engage them. And the most effective and powerful way someone can engage a populous is through visual and writing aid. When a person describes something through Instagram captions, they open the Kaleidoscope’s eyepiece, reflecting themselves. 

People often face the problem of like, should they describe the picture and why or where it was clicked? Should they use one or two hashtags or flood them up? Insert emojis or not? Whether to put any “call to action” sentences or keep it subtle? Posting can be an easy-breezy task if you understand the trick of the trade.

 Here’s a tab of advice with which you can become a pro player and slay the IG Game.

I ) Make the Line CATCHY!

The first thing that you need to focus on is setting the base layer for social media captions. If the first line is your punch line, then you can make the readers follow up to 70 more words. Crafting that first opening line well is the cue to catch your follower’s attention. It’s all about pulling the eyes like a magnet when they are scrolling through. Start your caption well and then leadoff with the rest of your information.


II ) Be Good with Words

Make sure your Instagram caption text is easy for your audience to read. It should be clear, and the context should be relevant, concise, designed in a way that it grabs your target audience’s attention. Try making the opening flow into the main body of your caption. 

Words written in CAPITAL, #hashtags, and emoticons are a great way to pull the readers and keep their focus for long. The trick is to play with these intelligently and not go overboard.


III ) Consider Length

People scroll at a brisk pace; they usually don’t like indulging in fatty and extended social media captions. It is essential to write less but impactfully. It is generally recommended to use 125 characters or less.


IV ) The Beginning

Always remember to somehow place your “call to action” and other critical points at the beginning of your Instagram caption. If the audience doesn’t see it in the initial few lines, they may miss it, and the whole end of advertising/ promotion will go in vain.


V ) Edit and Review as much as you can!

It is only a mere human error, a misclick, or an autocorrect which can put all your mental work and creative post to waste. To put it into practice to revise and edit your sentences well.

VI ) Put up with challenges and exciting cues

Ensure that you engage your audience well. Try putting questions and other cues that might help you gain eyeballs. Challenges and instructions or initiating fun trends always take your post close to being the next viral thing.


VII ) Take Feedback

Taking feedback is an excellent way of promising your audience a dedicated and honest service. Feedbacks always help in building a more robust fanbase and followership.

VIII ) Add-Ons

It’s hard to stay on track of what’s best when marketing, especially on social media in today’s fast-paced society. The foremost vital things to utilize when marketing on social media platforms are #, emoticons :D, and mentions.


Believe it or not, adding hashtags to your Instagram captions assist you to win in multiple ways. They are doing much more than bring you more followers. Hashtags help you in building a community. Another thing you’ll expect when using the proper hashtags is that you’ll have new eyes on your feed outside of your followers. You can use up to 30 hashtags for a post. If adding everything in the captions seems clumsy, you can add the relevant 30 hashtags in the first comment

Pro Tip – Check for the banned hashtags and ensure you don’t include them in your post.


Mentions or @s draw far more attention to your profile. Calling out customers, industry friends, or brand collaborators is an efficient method to build your online community.

What would modern-day conversations and chats be like without the presence of emojis? Fun, lighthearted, and now a universal language, emojis are almost expected to communicate online. Use them often but don’t overdo them. Use them to feature context to your images or your social media caption. 

Write in a way that inspires, makes people laugh, adds value to your profile or brand. To achieve all that, you can add quotes, include two or three lines of a foreign language, be transparent and make sense of what you write. Instagram is a micro-blog that can scale your businesses to great heights. If you prefer writing longer captions, ensure you use emojis as line breaks. 

IX ) Know Your Audience

It’s easy to write something if you know what the receiving end would like to read. There is always a tribe that would resonate with your brand; hence catering to them shall be your primary focus. Your fans and your followers follow you for a reason. Therefore you should make sure you feed them with excellent and satisfactory content.

X ) Identify your Brand Voice

Know what your vision is, and strike a balance between quality and popularity.  

Instagram could seem sort of a platform targeted at just wannabe models, but it does help you develop your business. An easy Instagram caption may make the difference between a product sold directly and one standing on the shelf for weeks – which is why you would like to be extra careful about how you write them. 

Be funny, be relevant, be direct – and more importantly, be informative. Furthermore, don’t forget to feature mentions and hashtags; these will do wonders to recognize your posts. A couple of writing strategies can make the difference between a successful Instagram post and one that’s lost within the background. So, take into consideration the ideas above and intensify your Instagram game with scroll-stopping Instagram captions 

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